Sunday, 23 June 2013

Maker Party @Shopkeeper Venu's Residence

I’m so very excited to share my experience on the makerparty which  I  hosted at shopkeeper A.Venu's Residence. The main intention to host this event was to make him and his children know about the web by remixing few of the webmaker projects but the event turned out beyond my expectation.

I started the event with an introduction to webmaker. First I taught them the basics of html. Then Shopkeeper Venu asked me can we have a webpage for my shop?? Why Not..!! I said. His children were too active. His son Sachin who is studying 8th Standard took a snap of their shop while his daughter Supriya who is studying 7th Standard started writing the list of items that are present in their shop to include in their web page.

Meanwhile I made a basic structure of webpage to their shop which includes their shop image,list of Items present in their shop and added a bit of CSS. Sachin started uploading the pictures on the web,grabbing the link of it and putting it in the syntax of img tag and then Supriya started typing the list of items in Google Transliteration then copy,pasting the text in the editor.

Shopkeeper and his wife Shobha Rani were feeling so happy by seeing their children creating a webpage to their shop. They too took part in webmaking by adding an image of their family and writing about them.

Hitesh Firefox Student Ambassador joined the event and helped children to make an attractive webpage. Finally got the complimentary Krackjack Biscuit Packet from their Shop...:)

Here is the link of flickr:

Here is the link of make made by Shopkeepr and his family:

Here is the link of the feedback given by Shopkeeper's children:

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