Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Maker Party @ My Home

 Hello Mozillians,

I am back with my Maker Parties this year again...:), I am so happy as Webmaker time has started where I teach and learn many things. When I saw an email from Amira saying Maker Party starts today, enthusiasm cherished in me. I was so excited to host a maker party on the same day and finally hosted Maker Party @ My home with kids.

There was no planning, All of a sudden I decided to host a maker party then I have invited kids in my home and said let's  learn and make some thing on the web. Kids are very fast today. They already knew how to access internet. It was a time for me to teach about the ethics of Internet. Few of them which I taught are:

1. Acceptance

One has to accept that Internet is not a value free-zone .It means World Wide Web is a place where values are considered in  the broadest sense so we must take care while shaping content and services and we should recognize that internet is not apart from universal society but it is a primary component of it.

2. While using e-Mail and chatting

Internet must be used for communication with family and friends. Avoid chatting with strangers and forwarding  e-mails from unknown people /strangers.

3. Pretending to be someone else

We must not use internet to fool others by pretending to be someone else. Hiding our own identity to fool others in the Internet world is a crime and may also be a risk to others.

4. Avoid Bad language

We must not use rude or bad language while using e-Mail, chatting, blogging and social networking, We need to respect their views and should not criticize anyone on the internet.

5. Hide personal Information

One should not give personal details like home address, phone numbers, interests, passwords. No photographs should be sent to strangers and  hide personal details from strangers because it might be misused and shared with others without their knowledge.

6. While Downloading

Internet is used to listen and learn about music,It is also used to watch videos and play games  We must not use it to download them or share copyrighted material.

Then It was a for me  to teach about how the content on the web is created and published. As children have many stories with them, I asked them to tell me any story. A 12 years kid replied I know a story on mother's love. He told the heart touching story to us, then we wrote it on a notepad.

We searched for a suitable make in the gallery and found a News Paper Make which can be remixed very easily. We remixed it and finally we published the story and a kid who told the story was so happy. I also demonstrated them about Mozilla Popcorn. We also made a Popcorn Make on Mother's love.

Here are the below links for the makes:



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