Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Mozilla Club Warangal Half Yearly Meet Up

Hello Mozillians,

I am happy to share the Insights of Mozilla Club Warangal Meet up which was very successfully conducted on July 6th, 2014. The meeting was chaired by Sai Kiran and around 15 people have attended the meet up.  

The meeting was initiated with brief Introduction of everyone who attended and then the contributions of the club in last 6 months have been discussed in which major contributions from MCW were Webmaker Events, Evangelism, Firefox Club Inaugurations and Firefox OS Apps Development.

Also major problems being faced in MCW were sorted out. Few of them are:
1. Only Club Leads are active in each Firefox Club
2. No follow up with club members by the Club leads
3. Less number of regular meet - ups in colleges and in the Mozilla Warangal Community
4. No active Women Involvement
5. No team coordination among Firefox Club members
6. No effort recognition for the activities done by FSA’s
7. Lack of documentation skills among FSA’s for publicizing their events.
8. FSA’s being unhappy for not inviting to any of the Mozilla India Events
9. Lack of awareness among FSA’s on different projects of Mozilla.
10. Very few Tech contributors

Solutions for the meet up have been discussed and each leader has been assigned with set of work items and deadlines.

Work Items Discussed
Make all the Firefox Clubs Active by:
Organizing FSA Training Event
Sai Sharan, Bala Subramaniyan
19th Jul 2014
Increase Women Involvement by:
Organizing WoMoz Event
Hema Bhanu
9th Aug 2014
Increase Tech Contributors by:
Organizing Mozilla Hack and Developer Code Sprint Event
6th Sep 2014
Help Mozilla Warangal Organize 100+ Maker Parties
Meraj Imran, Rahman
15th Oct 2014
Organize monthly Mozilla Club Warangal Meet up on first Sunday of every month and ensure smooth functioning of MCW
Saikiran,Meraj Imran
Mozilla Warangal Online Presence
Ajay,Bhargav,Sai Kiran
Create a Wiki and a thimble page and build online reputation for Mozlla Warangal
31st Jul 2014
Mozilla Warangal Graphics team for publicizing the every event of MCW
Hemanth, Sonu Sandeep
Media and Proof reading of Articles which are to be sent to the press
Sai Kiran, Hema , Meraj
Send monthly updates of Mozilla Warangal to Mozilla India Community
Sai Kiran,Meraj
By end of the month
People of Contact for Mozilla Warangal
Sai Kiran,Meraj

People Attended:  Saikiran, Meraj Imran, Hema Bhanu, Bhargav, Bala Subramaniyan, S Santhosh, Bharath, Sudheer, Vineeth, Sai Sharan, M.Santhosh, Mahboob -ur –Rahman, Hemanth, Samad,Sonu Sandeep.


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